8 Benefits of Partnering with an Armored Car Carrier

Armored car carriers are more than just “money trucks.”

From small financial institutions to multi-branch banks, armored transportation and cash logistics services keep projects on time, budgets on track and businesses competitive.

Wondering if partnering with an armored transportation provider is right for your institution? Here are eight unique ways that an armored car company can drive results for your company, employees and customers.

1. Minimize risks to you, your staff and your business.

Outsourcing your cash logistics and transportation to an armored car carrier reduces your exposure to accidents and theft. Your partner will develop cash-in-transit schedules that improve your branch security and limit the funds on hand to carefully meet demand. They can also service your ATMs, which minimizes physical and financial risks to your institution by ensuring your machines are protected and working efficiently at all times.

2. Gain more time to concentrate on your customers.

Managing the daily operations of a financial institution is difficult enough. By partnering with a full-service armored car company, you can get time back in your day to focus on your growth. Your armored partner provides services to streamline your processes, increase your operational efficiency and maximize the productivity of your team. You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are in the hands of experts.

3. Reduce your liability through fully insured funds.

Not only do armored car companies reduce the likelihood of anything happening to your cash and valuables, but they also provide comprehensive insurance coverage. Most armored transportation partners are fully insured, which means that you never have to worry about steep losses or insufficient protection of your cash and valuables.

4. Improve the performance of your ATMs.

A recent report by the Mercator Advisory Group found that the average U.S. consumer uses an ATM nearly four times a month to withdraw cash. ATMs ensure that your customers can quickly receive the services they need at any day or time. If you are not proactive about your ATM maintenance, broken or poor-performing machines can lead to decreased customer satisfaction. An armored transportation partner knows how to accommodate seasonal demand and prevent cash outages, allowing you to better serve your customers.

5. Leverage decades-long expertise in secure transport.

An experienced armored transport provider can navigate the complexities of the cash-in-transit industry with ease. Through your partnership, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge about how to improve the security, efficiency and service of your financial institution. Your armored partner has a team of experts dedicated to enhancing your operations and reputation.

6. Receive access to state-of-the-art technology.

Armored partners work to stay ahead of the trends, investing in the most cutting-edge technology to add value for their clients. For cash vault services, they offer advanced inventory management software and processing equipment. And for your ATMs, they can provide some of the safest lock hardware on the market today.

7. Always stay in the know about the status of your valuables.

Entrusting your cash logistics to a third-party partner gives you greater visibility of your cash flow, helping you to keep up with the demands of the modern cash environment. Most providers will even maintain a secure online portal for you to monitor activities in real-time. A customer-centric armored partner goes the extra mile to be available for you whenever you need support so your projects stay on track.

8. Prepare your company for growth with scalable solutions.

It is rarely cost-effective for financial institutions to manage all cash logistics internally. A cash-in-transit service provider, however, likely has a substantial asset network that they can leverage to support several of your branches. With solutions custom-built for the unique reality of your business, your partner can create a solution that works for you no matter the size of your needs.

Axiom Armored Transport is a full-service armored transport partner that serves as a seamless extension of financial institutions across the country. From seaport to airport, and everything in between, Axiom delivers reliable results. Get started today by calling 866-761-6712.

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