Armord Truck

The Axiom Name:

AXIOM – New name, same team, same commitment.  After operating solely as SecureTrans, Inc. for 12 years, we decided to rebrand to the Axiom line of services instead of a litigious battle over intellectual rights for the SecureTrans name in Washington state.  As our corporate name continues to be SecureTrans, Inc., you’ll see the Axiom name either as Axiom Armored Transport, Axiom Cash Logistics or Axiom ATM services.



Axiom Logo

SecureTrans, Inc., dba, Axiom Armored Transport, is an Alaskan owned traditional armored car company that services the needs of financial institutions and retail establishments along the west coast from Alaska to California.  Axiom Armored began as SecureTrans, Inc., in September 1997. It began with two guards and one armored van operating only in Anchorage, Alaska. Since that time our company spread as far North as Fairbanks, Alaska and as far South as Apple Valley, California. Our fleet has more than 20 armored trucks and at the time of this writing, Axiom operates out of 9 strategically placed cash vaults. We have a wide range of services to offer including the secure transportation of cash, coin, fine art, gems, precious metals and documents.  With our various airport and seaport access points we have the ability to give you choices on how to get your valuables moved. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and believe it has helped us reach the goals we set when we began the company.


Axiom Truck2