AXIOM Armored Transport, formerly known as SecureTrans, Inc., is an Alaskan-owned, traditional, full-service armored car company. We service the needs of financial institutions and retail establishments along the entire West Coast of North America, from Alaska to California. We’ve expanded our reach to Arizona, Florida, Colorado and Wyoming. We offer cash logistics, ATM services, vaulting, cash processing and armored transport services.

We have the necessary experience and expertise to help you keep your money and products safe. You can trust us with your cash in transit.

If you are a business owner who requires pickup of deposits, transfers of large amounts of cash, or transport of any other kind of valuables, AXIOM Armored Transport is here to meet your needs safely and securely.


New Name, Same Team, Same Services.

After operating as SecureTrans, Inc., for 12 years, our company decided to rebrand to the AXIOM line of services rather than face a litigious court battle over intellectual rights to use the SecureTrans name in Washington state. Though we changed our name, you can be sure that our company remains the same team and offers the same commitment to you. 

You may also see the AXIOM name as AXIOM Armored Transport, AXIOM Cash Logistics, or AXIOM ATM Services. These names simply refer to the various services we offer our clients.