Cash Management


What Will Cash Logistics Do For My Business?

With AXIOM’s complete cash logistics services, we help you process your dollars more quickly, safely, and efficiently. Outsourcing your cash logistics to AXIOM allows you to reduce risks to your business, lower fixed costs, and operate more efficiently. This allows you to focus on running the core of your business.

How Our Cash Logistics Services Work

Our priority is keeping your money safe. First, AXIOM vault personnel take your store deposits and verify and package them for the financial institution of your choice with next-day delivery. AXIOM uses the latest technology to sort and process your money quickly and accurately. We have high-speed note discriminators, coin sorters, coin wrappers, and calibrated weight scales to help us with deposit verification. We also provide real-time scanning and tracking of your items as they are received by the armed guard and head to their destination.

Our high-security vaults and cash transport ensure the safety of your money, while also providing transparency with the tracking of your cash, so you never have to worry about your currency supply chain. No matter whether you have small, medium, large, or non-standard processing requests, we have the equipment and infrastructure ready to service your needs.

Do You Service Multi-Store Franchises?

We have the ability to process multi-store franchises that need to have individual, store by store deposit verification. We report your balances to your cash support team, then make one large multi-store deposit to your bank. No matter how many stores you own, we can handle cash logistics for each individual location and make the process much easier on you, the business owner.

What Kinds of Businesses Do You Provide Cash Logistics Services For?

Axiom provides cash logistics services for mini-marts, grocery stores, government offices, parking meters and parking garages, self-service coin machines, and more. No matter what kind of business you own, and what your needs are, we can help secure your cash flow transport for you. We are ready to meet the needs of any size or kind of business.

Who Can Benefit from Cash Logistics Services?

If you are a business owner, you can benefit from cash logistics services. No longer will you have to have an employee (or yourself) run to the bank on their own nightly with an envelope full of cash to deposit after closing up the shop. Instead, let the security experts at AXIOM handle your cash deposits and transports for you.